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Official FTL: Faster Than Light Trailer

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FTL: Faster Than Light by Subset Games

The award winning PC spaceship simulation game from Subset Games comes to iPad! Includes the free expansion, FTL: Advanced Edition, which adds new ships, enemies, events, weapons, and more!

PC version's awards include:
- IGN - Game Of the Year Nominee 2012
- PC Gamer - 2012 Best Short-Form Game
- Indie Game Festival 2013 - Excellence in Design
- Indie Game Festival 2013 - Audience Award
- Game Developers Choice Awards 2013 - Best Debut: Subset Games

In FTL you experience the atmosphere of running a spaceship trying to save the galaxy. It's a dangerous mission, with every encounter presenting a unique challenge with multiple solutions. What will you do if a heavy missile barrage shuts down your shields? Reroute all power to the engines in an attempt...

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Автор: TouchGameplay
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